How to connect to Ethermine?

Ethermine is a pool which mines and stakes Ethereum.
According to their connection guide (as of January 2022).

You connect to one of their international servers

With the stratum port of 4444.

Setting your username to the target wallet address.

This translates to the following configuration in the wallet and server settings.

Server: stratum://

Eg. If my target ether address was0xD6954bA6afd0de4F796D1b71d05A559F38414D2a and my computer was closest to the asian server, I’d use the following.

Wallet: 0xD6954bA6afd0de4F796D1b71d05A559F38414D2a.macminer
Server: stratum://

If you’d like any support for any other pools, don’t hesitate to get in touch.