MacMiner is a free app without advertisements, in-app purchases, paid upgrades, or analytics tracking, just a skippable 1% mining dev fee.

In the pre-release we are experimenting with energy efficiency, allowing for mining in the background without overwhelming the system.

For mining on Android, please check out our sister app DroidMiner.

System Requirements

The algorithm’s supported are Ethash (requires just over 4GB VRAM), Autolykos2 and Kawpow (requires just over 3GB VRAM). In future builds we will support other algorithms, please check back for updates.

The application has been built for macOS 12. While we have a version running on macOS 10.5.7, it’s just currently much faster to target macOS 12 with its more mature Metal API, however if there is demand we may release support for 10.5.7.

The application has been tested in-lab to run on the following systems.

  • 2021 MacBook Pro with M1 Max and 64GB VRAM
  • 2020 iMac with AMD 5700 and 8GB VRAM
  • 2019 16″ MacBook Pro AMD 5500M and 8GB VRAM.

Known Issues

The initial Metal API version of the application used to run sluggish on 2020 M1 Macs, this was addressed in newer v0.3 release, however you still try the OpenCL version.

The initial Metal API version was crashing on Intel based hardware, however this was addressed in the newer v0.3 release.

Macs with less than 8GB VRAM will report a hardware error when mining Ethash, and Macs with less than 4GB VRAM will report a hardware error when mining with Kawpow.

OpenCL Version

The v0.1 OpenCL version can be downloaded here.

How You Can Help

If you would like to support the continued development of MacMiner, please consider letting the dev fee process for its 5 minute time limit or buy me a coffee.

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