v0.3 Intel and AMD Support

We are happy to announce that the pre-release version using Metal is now working on Intel AMD Macs.

The focus here has been optimising the code to be versatile enough to run on older Macs, of which we can report that it now runs on our Intel test system featuring a 8GB AMD 5500M GPU.

Currently the AMD GPU tested mines faster than the M1 Max, which hopefully means that there is going to be some easy win optimisations to be made in future updates.

Also, the optimisations made to get it working on AMD GPUs has made the M1 version more power efficient, with a 5% increase in performance per watt in high power mode on the M1 Max.

Finally, and most interesting for me, is that MacMiner now mines faster than Window’s premier mining application NiceHash

Next, we’ll be continuing to work on performance and getting the Metal API version to run on Macs with AMD graphics cards.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work and support.